Practice Areas

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Recent high-profile cases and the rapidly changing regulatory environment coupled with enactment of new legislations demonstrates the devastating impact regulatory investigations and prosecutions can have on a organizations, its stakeholders, promoters and the KMPs who are generally attributed for the wrongdoings. Today, corporate compliance has become a key concept.

While we encourage organizations and assist them to have necessary checks and balances in place, to identify and remediate, if possible, any potential regulatory and compliance issues at a nascent stage, we also assist the clients while investigations by Government and regulatory agencies, such as CBI, EOW, ED, SFIO, FIU, SEBI and other agencies are underway.

Our scope of service extends to:

  • Advise the client in relation to the contraventions and noncompliance of securities law, foreign exchange laws (including import and export regulations) and corporate laws;
  • Address compliance concerns of the corporates, issues of fraud, bribery, money laundering;
  • Conduct diligence and reverse diligence of the corporate entity to identify gaps and non-compliances;
  • Assist the client on strategic issues such suo moto disclosures, applications and corrective action plans, to address concerns which involve complex issues of applicability, disclosures, compliance, reporting requirements under the relevant statutes;
  • Assess and mitigate blacklisting, cancellation of tenders, contracts, authorizations and approvals;
  • Represent the client before the Regulators.

We offer pragmatic solution to address the resulting losses and to prevent future occurrences.

Besides assisting and advising the clients in Indian corruption legislations, our Firm in partnership with trusted international consultants to provide a single point solution to ensure compliances of relevant anti money laundering laws in the USA, the UK, HK, and such other jurisdictions.