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Live MintCan a man sell the property of his wife without her consent?Aradhana Bhansali
Bar & BenchRajani Associates advises KGK Realty in the acquisition of Anudan PropertiesAshish Parwani, Rajeev Nair, Gitika Makhija, S. Shivganesh and Chintan Gandhi
Live MintCan a live-in partner claim share in assets?Aradhana Bhansali
Bar & BenchRevamped ODI Framework - Impetus for Undertaking Foreign Transactions or Old Wine in New Bottle?Amish Shroff and Ruchi Sethna
Bar & BenchRajani Associates acts on Proventus Agrocom IPOSangeeta Lakhi and Yash Desai
Live MintWhat should be done if relatives question our rights on property?Aradhana Bhansali
Bar & BenchMajority of Minority ApprovalAmish Shroff, Karen Issac and Kriti Bhatt
Live MintWhat are the basic rights of a tenant?Aradhana Bhansali
Live MintRefund: does a homebuyer have same rights as original allottee?Aradhana Bhansali
ETThe Economic Times EnergyWorld - Carbon credit: Understanding the concept, its evolution and implicationsPurvi Kapadia and Vidhi Shah
Bar & BenchRajani Associates acts on Divgi Torque Transfer Systems IPOSangeeta Lakhi
Live MintFlat transfer: can a co-op society insist on succession certificate?Aradhana Bhansali
The HinduBudget 2023 | Finance Minister Proposes Amendments to Banking LawsPrem Rajani
BusinessworldBudget 2023: A Bonanza Deal For AllPrem Rajani
Bar & Bench[The Viewpoint] Hostile Takeovers – My Way or the Highway?Prem Rajani, pearl Boga, Karen Issac and Kriti Bhatt
Law Street IndiaThe entire viewpoint has been coveredPrem Rajani
Bar & Bench[The Viewpoint] Venus Recruiters' Case, The Fate of Avoidance Applications finally resolved by the Division Bench of the Delhi High CourtDevesh Juvekar and Dikshat Mehra
Bar & BenchRajani Associates acts as legal advisors to Jayesh Sanghrajka, Resolution Professional for Radius Estates and DeveloperDevesh Juvekar, Ashish Parwani, Rajeev Nair, Dikshat Mehra and Honey Chandnani
Live MintHow can a non-resident Indian get to inherit property in India?Aradhana Bhansali
Live MintHow can a coparcener of HUF claim rightful share in income?Aradhana Bhansali
Bar & BenchRajani Associates assists Centrum Housing Finance in acquiring the housing finance business of National Trust Housing FinancePrem Rajani, Ankur Singhania and Rohan Gajaria
Bar & Bench[The Viewpoint] M&As and IPOs Taking Power Sector GlobalPurvi Kapadia and Sakshi Sharma
99acresDissecting SC Judgment on Arbitrability of Tenancy DisputesAradhana Bhansali
LiveMintWhat should a guarantor do if the principal borrower defaults?Aradhana Bhansali
Bar & BenchRajani Associates advises investors in relation to an investment in Focus Lighting and FixturesPrem Rajani, Poorvi Sanjanwala, Ankur Singhania, Nishtha Mehta and Rohan Gajaria
Bar & BenchThe Viewpoint] Are Government Dues prioritized over Banks? A New Horizon To IBCDikshat Mehra and Honey Chandnani
LiveMintCan my children claim rights to their grandmother's property?Aradhana Bhansali
Bar & BenchRajani Associates advises Salasar Techno Engineering in its QIP IssueSangeeta Lakhi, Rahul Pandey and Himanshu Pandey
Bar & BenchRajani Associates advises Vikas Lifecare in its QIP IssueSangeeta Lakhi, Rahul Pandey and Himanshu Pandey
LiveMintHow do I sell property shared with my 2 brothers?Aradhana Bhansali
Bar & BenchRajani Associates acts on sale of Ambuja Intermediates' power generation business to Bhumi Green EnergyAshish Parwani
Bar & BenchELP and Rajani act on Choice Hotels transitioning to master franchise model with Suba Group HotelsPurvi Kapadia and Rashi Rajani
LiveMintIs it mandatory to get NOC for a gift deed?Aradhana Bhansali
LiveMintCan a change in your name affect the right to sell any property?Aradhana Bhansali
LiveMintHow to apply for a letter of administrationAradhana Bhansali
99acresBudget 2022-23: Real estate industry reactsAradhana Bhansali
LiveMintDo I have to transfer inherited land in my name before selling?Aradhana Bhansali
LiveMintCan an NOC validate any change in the ownership of a flat?Aradhana Bhansali
Bar & BenchRajani Associates acts on Veranda Learning Solutions ₹2,000 million IPOSangeeta Lakhi, Rahul Pandey, Jessica Katyal and Himanshu Pandey
LiveMintWhat is the period of limitation and when does it start?Aradhana Bhansali
Legal DesireRajani Associates advises Veranda Learning Solutions in its IPO to raise 2000 millionSangeeta Lakhi, Rahul Pandey, Jessica Katyal and Himanshu Pandey
LiveMintCan you get a home loan in the absence of a letter of allotment?Aradhana Bhansali
LiveMintWill POA prepared in the US be acceptable in India?Aradhana Bhansali
Bar & BenchRajani, Vertices act on La Renon Healthcare investment in Enaltec LabsPoorvi Sanjanwala, Ankur Singhania, Nishtha Mehta, Kashmira Bakliwal and Rutvik Rajagopal
Business StandardBudget 2022: Int'l Arbitration center at GIFT City for dispute resolutionPrem Rajani
Legal DesireKey Highlights of Union Budget 2022-23Prem Rajani
Bar & BenchRajani Associates acts on Dinesh Mills acquisition of Chem-Verse ConsultantsPrem Rajani, Amish Shroff, Pearl Boga and Karen Issac
LSI LawStreetIndia Dissecting SC Judgment on Arbitrability of Tenancy DisputesDevesh Juvekar and Dikshat Mehra
CNBC-TV 18 View: Opportunities for vulture funds in present timesPrem Rajani and Pearl Boga
Live Mint Death of PoA holder won’t alter ownershipAradhana Bhansali
IIFL Securities Legal considerations for MSMEs and SMEs to revive businesses post covid-19Purvi Kapadia and Jinay Shah
Live Mint Normally, nominees are bound to transfer assets to the legal heirsAradhana Bhansali
Live Mint If there’s no payment, you can transfer property using a gift deedAradhana Bhansali
Live Mint If one of joint tenants dies, his interest will go to other ownerAradhana Bhansali
99 acres Can a developer sue the homebuyer? Aradhana Bhansali
Live Mint You don’t need NOC from other owners if property is partitionedAradhana Bhansali
CNBC-TV 18 Down rounds and anti-dilution clause mechanism: The corporate loopPrem Rajani and Karen Issac
Live Mint A power of attorney may be made for a limited period of time and is generally revocableAradhana Bhansali
Live Mint Understand entitlement of property’s present owner before buyingAradhana Bhansali The benefits of listing on SME Exchange Sangeeta Lakhi
99 acres Can a builder sue you for protesting? Aradhana Bhansali
99 acres Top 4 ways homebuyers are adopting to protest against builder defaults Aradhana Bhansali
License To Blog A gift deed must be stamped, registered at sub-registrar of assurances Aradhana Bhansali
Live MintA gift deed must be stamped, registered at sub-registrar of assurances Aradhana Bhansali
Money ControlNCLT order on SBI-ADAG case: Banks target personal guarantees to chase high-profile loan defaults Prem Rajani
99 acresAll you need to know about English Mortgage Aradhana Bhansali
Inc 42Emerging Trends In M&A Activities, Post Covid-19 Purvi Kapadia and Yogesh Nayak
Live MintOCIs can transfer agricultural land by way of gift to an Indian citizen Aradhana Bhansali
99 acresDrafting rental agreements for the retail sector Aradhana Bhansali
CNBC TV 18Explained: Second innings through Follow-on Public Offer (FPO)Sangeeta Lakhi
Construction WorldWill Force Majeure come to the rescue of contractors?Aradhana Bhansali, Aarti Jumani and Manasi Padwalkar
99 acresUnderstanding landlord-tenant relationship amid COVID-19Aradhana Bhansali
Live MintA public charitable trust may be terminated when its purpose is completely fulfilledAradhana Bhansali
Doordarshan NewsNRIs can gift agricultural land only to Indian citizens residing hereAradhana Bhansali
Live MintNRIs can gift agricultural land only to Indian citizens residing hereAradhana Bhansali
CNBC-TV18 Explained: Second innings through Follow-on Public Offer (FPO)Sangeeta Lakhi
The ET RiseLower valuation, changed consumer preferences, Covid-19 has changed the Private Equity playbookPurvi Kapadia and Jinay Shah
Live MintNRIs are not permitted to purchase any agricultural land in IndiaAradhana Bhansali
Legal DesireLLP Settlement Scheme 2020: A Relaxation in Despairing TimesAshish Parwani and Gargi Panwar
Inc42How FDI Amendments Will Impact Fresh Investments From China In The Indian Startup Ecosystem?Prem Rajani
Inc42China-India FDI Tussle: Opportunity Or Chaos For Indian VCs, Domestic Funds?Prem Rajani
Industry ViewpointSEBI Relaxations To Raise CapitalSangeeta Lakhi and Himanshu Pandey
Jindal Global Law SchoolVirtual Internship Program in LawPrem Rajani
The Property TimesLockdown prima facie force majeure? Delhi HC answers at an ad-interim stageDevesh Juvekar and Dikshat Mehra
LiveMintWithout a Will, all Class I heirs have a right in their father’s estateAradhana Bhansali
Industry ViewpointHalliburton Offshores Services Inc Vs. Vedanta & AnrDevesh Juvekar and Dikshat Mehra
IIFLRelaxations by SEBI in times of COVID-19: Right Step in Right DirectionSangeeta Lakhi and Rahul Pandey
Law Street IndiaPre-CIRP Claims Invalid after Resolution Plan’s ApprovalDikshat Mehra
LiveMintHow will the recent amendment to IBC impact the rights of homebuyers?Prem Rajani
Industry ViewpointRBI Announcement for Covid - 19Sangeeta Lakhi
VCCircleHow coronavirus outbreak impacts real estate and infrastructure investment trustsRajeev Nair and Nishant Sogani
ET RiseWhat is force majeure? The legal term everyone should know during Covid-19 crisisPoorvi Sanjanwala and Kashmira Bakliwal
IIFLCOVID's impact on Insolvency and Bankruptcy ProceedingsDevesh Juvekar and Dikshat Mehra
LiveMintAdopted and biological children have equal rights to their father’s estate if there is no WillAradhana Bhansali
99acresLegal measures available for homebuyersAradhana Bhansali
LiveMintIssuing a public notice before buying house can help avoid disputesAradhana Bhansali
MagicbricksBombay Dyeing has breached section 12 & 18 of RERA act: MREATAradhana Bhansali and Aarti Jumani
The Times of IndiaObligation of promoter on veracity of ads is retroactive says RERA tribunal; Mumbai developer moves Bombay HC in appealAradhana Bhansali and Aarti Jumani
The Economic TimesBombay Dyeing has breached section 12 & 18 of RERA act: MREATAradhana Bhansali and Aarti Jumani
MondaqOwner Has The Unfettered Right To Bequeath His Property To AnyoneAradhana Bhansali
MondaqDelhi High Court Has Held That Criminal Proceedings U/S 138 Of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 Is Not Maintainable Against Non-Executive Directors Of A CompanyDikshat Mehra
LiveMintRights to co-owned property can be transferred via a release deedAradhana Bhansali
Law Street IndiaCritical Analysis of Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2019Mayur Shetty and Dikshat Mehra
MondaqIndependent Directors Rules: What Are They And How Do They HelpPrem Rajani, Rajeev Nair and Rahul Pandey
99acresGovernment measures to revive ailing real estateAradhana Bhansali
Campaign IndiaOpinion: The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 and its effect on media focused organisationsShisham Priyadarshini and Aishwarya Derashri
MintGifting is done during a person's lifetime, heirship kicks in only after owner's deathAradhana Bhansali
99acresAn overview of the real estate sector in 2019Aradhana Bhansali
Legal DesireLegal Desire - 2019: The Year of Regulatory Transformation for Foreign Portfolio InvestorsRajeev Nair and Nishant Sogani
MintOwner has the unfettered right to bequeath his property to anyoneAradhana Bhansali
Business StandardDespite IBC, RERA, no relief to homebuyersAradhana Bhansali
Law Street IndiaEvolution of Arbitration Regime Through 2019 - A RecapDikshat Mehra and Vibhor Kapoor
IIFLA Nascent Code - IBC, has grown steadily and positively in 2019Mayur Shetty and Chintan Gandhi
MintRegister property release deed with the sub-registrar of assurancesAradhana Bhansali
Construction worldConstruction World - Real Estate and State of HomebuyersAradhana Bhansali and Manasi Padwalkar
MintAmended bequest in a Will is not required to be legally registeredAradhana Bhansali
Inc 42Mergers And Acquisitions Trend In 2019 And Outlook For 2020Ankur Singhania and Hemanshi Gala
Business TodayHow path-breaking verdicts, crucial amendments shaped insolvency laws in 2019Mayur Shetty
MintStamp duty on gifted property depends on mode of transferAradhana Bhansali
MintAdopted child is class-1 heir and has equal rights in father's propertyAradhana Bhansali
Money ControlIndependent Directors Rules: What are they and how do they helpPrem Rajani, Rajeev Nair and Rahul Pandey
IIFLViewpoint on the announcement made by the FM to boost the real estate sector through AIFAshish Parwani, Rajeev Nair and Nishant Sogani
The CSR JournalGovernment's Push for Effective Utilisation of CSR FundsRajeev Nair and Nishant Sogani
ET-RiseThe one man show: Understanding the concept of One Person CompanyPrem Rajani, Rashi Rajani and Miti Kapadia
MintAn ancestral property becomes self-acquired after its partitionAradhana Bhansali
IIFLGDR/ADR options for easier foreign fundraising for unlisted firmsSangeeta Lakhi
MintDaughter considered class 1 heir of deceasedAradhana Bhansali
MoneyControlWill consolidating 27 PSBs into 12 truly 'unlock potential'?Prem Rajani
MintTransfer of ancestral land is valid if deed is registeredAradhana Bhansali
Vantage AsiaState of PlayPrem Rajani
IIFLThe introduction of the Green Channel Route by CCIAshish Parwani, Gargi Panwar and Gitika Makhija
Inc42India Records 14% Rise In Sexual Harassment Cases At WorkplacePrem Rajani and Sangeeta Lakhi
MintIn case of any conflict after testator’s death, Will takes precedence over any nominationAradhana Bhansali
Construction WorldCode of ConductAradhana Bhansali, Aarti Jumani and Mansi Padwalkar
MintProperty can be bequeathed to child via Will after mutating the propertyAradhana Bhansali
MintPrivate trust cannot be used to defraud legitimate rights of business creditorsAradhana Bhansali
First Construction CouncilPrem Rajani, Managing Partner, Rajani Associates, shares his views on the BudgetPrem Rajani
MintYou can transfer right of undivided houseAradhana Bhansali
Contruction WorldPrem Rajani, Managing Partner, Rajani Associates, shares his views on the BudgetPrem Rajani
InfrabuddyViews On Union Budget 2019-20 By Prem RajaniPrem Rajani
Indian Infoline (IIFL)Views on Union Budget 2019-20 by Prem Rajani, Managing Partner, Rajani AssociatesPrem Rajani
The Property TimesViewpoints on Union Budget 2019-20 by Mr. Prem Rajani, Managing Partner, Rajani AssociatesPrem Rajani
ET BFSISangeeta Lakhi, Partner- Rajani Associates: Budget2019 ExpectationsSangeeta Lakhi
MintMedical certificate is not needed for proof of execution of a WillAradhana Bhansali
Banking FrontiersKey SC ruling helpful to banksDevesh Juvekar and Dikshat Mehra
MintWill cannot be used as evidence till a witness proves its executionAradhana Bhansali
MoneyControlModify your Will with a CodicilAradhana Bhansali
Bar & Bench Master Circular on Wilful Defaulters and consequences of being declared a Wilful Defaulter: OverviewDevesh Juvekar and Dikshat Mehra
Legal DesireRajani Associates advises Vistar Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd. against Ashok Wadhwani under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC)Devesh Juvekar, Dikshat Mehra, and Pooja Vasandani
Inc42How Debt Impacts Merger And Acquisition Transactions In Stressed Asset SaleAshish Parwani, Gargi Panwar
MintMint- Power of attorney does not conveyany titleAradhana Bhansali
Inc42The Indian Startup Ecosystem Lays Its Expectations At Re-Elected NDA Government’s DoorsPrem Rajani
Legally IndiaRajani acts on $8m Monte Carlo Fashions share buybackSangeeta Lakhi & Rahul Pandey
MintCheck terms of SCSS before making a claimAradhana Bhansali
Business StandardHow will RBI walk the tightrope on legal issues concerning stressed assetsDevesh Juvekar
MintFamily can be guardian of Alzheimer patientAradhana Bhansali
Deccan ChronicleGovernment can ask RBI to refer defaulters to NCLTDevesh Juvekar
The CSR JournalSME approach towards CSR activitiesPoorvi Sanjanwala, Pearl Boga and Karen Issac
MintCircle rates rarely decrease substantiallyAradhana Bhansali
Law Gup ShupSangeeta Lakhi, Partner, Rajani Associates, on leading a practice in capital markets -
MoneyControlSiamese Twins: Can the cross-listing of foreign companies work in India?Sangeeta Lakhi
MintA person with life interest in a property can’t always sell itAradhana Bhansali
ET RiseNew E-commerce framework: A silver lining for SMEs, poses some challengesNishtha Mehta and Karen Isaac
The CSR JournalUnderstanding the challenges around CSR spendsRajeev Nair and Nishant Sogani
MintSociety members entitled to free redeveloped flatAradhana Bhansali
The Property TimesRajani Associates advises the promoters of Orbit Corporation Limited on their Orbit Terraces projectAshish Parwani, Dikshat Mehra and Vibhor Kapoor
MoneyControlUnderstanding IPOs: Process and benefits of listing a companySangeeta Lakhi
MintClass II heirs can claim their rights only if there's no Class I heirAradhana Bhansali
Law Street IndiaBoost for MSMEs, stamp duty on stock transactions rationalisedPrem Rajani
IIFLBrief overview of major amendments to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 in 2018Devesh Juvekar and Dikshat Mehra
MintPrepare a Will to meet specific conditions of each investmentAradhana Bhansali
Qrius#MeToo, now what? Legal recourse in the face of Sexual Harassment in the workplaceJessica Katyal and Rashi Rajani
Inc42Legal Lessons From Mergers And Acquisitions In 2018Rajeev Nair and Gitika Makhija
Inc42Evaluating India's VC & PE Performance In 2018Ankur Singhania
Mint'Will' can be challenged by heirs, beneficiariesAradhana Bhansali
MoneycontrolYear 2018 in review: Key policy developments for Indian capital marketsSangeeta Lakhi and Sulakshna Sinha
MintGrandchildren are equally entitled to an undivided share in the ancestral propertyAradhana Bhansali
The CSR JournalKey regulatory shifts in Indian corporate governance in 2018Rajeev Nair
MintAdopted child is considered Class 1 heirAradhana Bhansali
Banking FrontiersSC order to examine anomalies in RBI circularMayur Shetty
ForbesIndian capital markets: Safeguarding investor growthSangeeta Lakhi
Financial ChronicleUnderstanding Section 29A of IBCDevesh Juvekar and Rishabh Jaisani
YourstoryIn light of #MeToo, what you should know about sexual harassment in the workplaceJessica Katyal and Rashi Rajani
MintProbation of Will is not always compulsoryAradhana Bhansali
Entrepreneur IndiaRelief For Victims of Dishonourable Cheques: A Boon For BusinessesMayur Shetty and Vibhor Kapoor
Financial ChronicleRuias offer Rs 54,389 cr to retain Essar; ArcelorMittal opposesDevesh Juvekar
Legal DesireInsightful interaction on Section 29 of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 with Dikshat Mehra, Senior Associate at Rajani AssociatesDikshat Mehra
MoneycontrolA beginner's guide to pre-IPO processSangeeta Lakhi and Sulakshna Sinha
MintNo concept of self-acquired, ancestral property in Muslim personal lawAradhana Bhansali
Law Street IndiaSC’s trademark verdict in Nandhini Deluxe – Boon or Bane?Mayur Shetty and Dikshat Mehra
MoneycontrolLenders fret as insolvency cases miss deadlines, hope delays yield better returnsPrem Rajani
MintRERA holds little hope for homebuyers against buildersAmit Kolekar
Realty PlusTo Right a Wrong, Judicial recourse for homebuyersAradhana Bhansali
The DeskSecurities Financing - India: Lynn Strongin DoddsSangeeta Lakhi
Business TodayA Billion Dollar Balancing ActPrem Rajani
MintGifting property to a relative is cost-effectiveAradhana Bhansali
EPC worldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
MintJoint tenancy is about having equal shareAradhana Bhansali
Legal DesireRajani Associates advises Ahinsa Buildtech Private Limited in relation to IBC proceedings filed by Ultra Tech Cement LimitedAshish Parwani and Dikshat Mehra
MintDaughters can inherit ancestral property tooAradhana Bhansali
ET RiseA direct growth driver: The benefits of listing on SME ExchangeSangeeta Lakhi and Sulakshna Sinha
IIFLKey Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) takeaways for Indian MarketsAshish Parwani, Rajeev Nair and Gitika Makhija
MintRERA relief possible for registered projectsAmit Kolekar
Banking FrontierThe Indian Framework on Data ProtectionShisham Priyadarshini and Shaily Soni
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish Shroff
Construction WorldRERA: Balancing the Need of DevelopersAmit Kolekar and Khushrav Kumana
MintMajor Grounds for Challenging a Will are fraud, coercion, importunityAmit Kolekar
MintAsk Mint Money: Nomination doesn’t override succession lawAmit Kolekar
VCCircleDecoding the big takeaways of the new cross-border mergers frameworkTejasvini Shirodkar, Pearl Boga and Karen Issac
ET RiseTapping the bourses: The procedure for filing for an IPO with SME exchangesSangeeta Lakhi and Sulakshna Sinha
ET RiseRaising capital: SME IPO may be a good choice for small businessesSangeeta Lakhi and Sulakshna Sinha
MintQ&A: Intestacy can be either total or partialAmit Kolekar
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
MoneyControlHow India can create a thriving corporate bond marketSangeeta Lakhi
VCCircleSEBI’s new corporate governance norms will boost transparency, help investorsSangeeta Lakhi
MintDonee must accept deed of gift while donor is aliveAmit Kolekar
ForbesWhat is being done to strengthen India's banking systemSangeeta Lakhi
VCCircleCan Air India's privatisation process take off?Tejasvini Shirodkar, Pearl Boga and Karen Issac
Business TodayArbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2018: A missed opportunity?Devesh Juvekar and Dikshat Mehra
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
Forbes IndiaMergers and Acquisitions: Outlook in India for 2018Ashish Parwani, Rajeev Nair and Gitika Makhija
MoneyControlIndia's green bond market: Benefits, risks and other featuresSangeeta Lakhi and Sanjana Somani
Forbes IndiaLegal sector looking forward in 2018Mayur Shetty and Rishabh Jaisani
SahintaHighlights Of The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017Shisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
VAR IndiaUnderstanding Aircel's Bankruptcy CaseShisham Priyadarshini and Amish Shroff, Shaily Soni
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
MoneycontrolWho is a will executor? What is his role in drafting and executing a will?Amit Kolekar
MintIn India, adoption is not permitted in the personal laws of Muslims and ChristiansAmit Kolekar
MoneycontrolSuccession Planning: Understanding public trusts and their managementAmit Kolekar
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
LawZ CirclePersisting challenges of insolvency resolution professionalsMayur Shetty and Archan Shah
MintAgricultural land cannot be held by a proprietary firmAmit Kolekar
Cargo TalkLogistics infrastructure: Catalyst for growthShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
The Banking & Finance PostPersisting challenges of insolvency resolution professionalsMayur Shetty and Archan Shah
Projects TodayPrem Rajani, Managing Partner, Rajani AssociatesPrem Rajani
IIFLGovt continues with gusto towards developing India's road and real infrastructure: Prem RajaniPrem Rajani
India PagesBudget 2018: Implications You Must UnderstandPrem Rajani
Tax GuruBudget 2018: Views on LTCG, infrastructure, disinvestment, capital marketsPrem Rajani
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
Money Control PortalMoneyControl - What is Probate of a Will and why is it important?Amit Kolekar
TOI (Magic Bricks)Times of India - Real Estate (Magic Bricks) - 5 legal factors NRIs should know while buying propertyAradhana Bhansali and Amit Kolekar
IBLJIndia Business Law Journal - The striking-off processShisham Priyadarshini and Amish Shroff
DNADNA - Examining the RERA gift hamperAradhana Bhansali and Kushrav Kumana
First PostFirstPost - Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code: An efficient mechanism for tackling NPAs but resolution professionals face challengesRajeev Nair, Suchita Sharma and Gitika Makhija
The Economic TimesThe Importance of Family TrustAradhana Bhansali, Amit Kolekar and Khushrav Kumana
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
Business TodayObjective of insolvency law: Resolution over liquidation?Ashish Parwani, Rajeev Nair, Archan Shah
VCCircleWhy changes in regulations can enhance FDI inflow in educationTejasvini Shirodkar, Pearl Boga and Karen Issac
MoneyControlSuccession in cases where there is no WillAmit Kolekar
DNABuyout of stressed assets may not be an easy bargain for companies Ashish Parwani and Gitika Makhija
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
Financial ExpressWhy privatisation of Air India seems to be the only solution to revive the ailing national carrierTejasvini Shirodkar, Pearl Boga and Karen Issac.
MoneyControlChallenges that may crop up while drafting a WillAmit Kolekar
The NationalIndia moves to act on widespread financial deceitSangeeta Lakhi
Law Street IndiaApproach towards backlog of litigation and arbitration cases in IndiaMayur Shetty and Pooja Vasandani
EPC WorldThe Need to Relook the Stressed Asset Scheme for the Steel IndustryAshish Parwani, Hitesh Agrawal and Gitika Makhija
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
MoneyControlDrafting a Will? Here's what should be on your checklistAmit Kolekar
Infrastructure TodayCompanies with large debt face risk of defaultAshish Parwani
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
SahintaRecent Trends And Litigation Challenges Around Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016Ashish Parwani, Hitesh Agarwal and Rishabh Jaisani
VCCircleWill SEBI's phasing out of P-Notes benefit Indian markets?Sangeeta Lakhi
MoneyControlHow does a family trust help your estate planning?Aradhana Bhansali and Amit Kolekar
EPC WorldMAHARERA Transition and Compliance: Promoters TribulationsAradhana Bhansali and Amit Kolekar
FirstpostIPO bonanza: As reforms momentum continue, investors will be spoilt for choice in second half of 2017Sangeeta Lakhi
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
DNA PropertyMandatory norms to be followed- simplified RERA provisions and responsibilities for home buyersAradhana Bhansali
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
DNA PropertyRegulating the middleman as wellAradhana Bhansali
YourStorySafeguarding your tax through Patent Box RegimesShisham Priyadarshini and Shruti Bajpai
VCCircleWill abolishing FIPB make India a more investor-friendly destination?Prem Rajani and Poorvi Sanjanwala
DNA PropertyRegulating the middleman as wellAradhana Bhansali
YourStorySafeguarding your tax through Patent Box RegimesShisham Priyadarshini and Shruti Bajpai
VCCircleWill abolishing FIPB make India a more investor-friendly destination?Prem Rajani and Poorvi Sanjanwala
Infrastructure TodayCurb that wastageShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
EPC WorldDispute resolution mechanism on infrastructure projectsDevesh Juvekar and Archan Shah
YourstoryIs your company FEMA compliant?Poorvi Sanjanwala and Nishtha Mehta
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
Entrepreneur IndiaNuts And Bolts Of A Start-up MachinePurvi Kapadia and Zil Shah
Law Street IndiaDissecting Frustration of Contract - Impossibility of performanceDevesh Juvekar, Mr. Mayur Shetty and Mr. Rishabh Jaisani
ET RealtyLegal factors NRIs should keep in mind while investing in real estate in IndiaAradhana Bhansali & Amit Kolekar
Financier WorldwideIndia - a front runner among emerging marketsTejasvini Shirodkar, Pearl Boga and Pooja Shah 
Super LawyerDevesh Juvekar, Partner, Rajani Associates, on litigation, ADR, and his diverse experienceDevesh Juvekar
The Economic timesWhy India's new Trade Marks Rules are a significant step in improving ease of doing businessPrem Rajani and Dikshat Mehra
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
ET RealtyImportant legal documents that home buyers should be aware of before buying a propertyAradhana Bhansali & Amit Kolekar
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
Infrastructure TodayClosed Mines: Eco ChallengesShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
InfraCircleA step closer to solving the insolvency of corporatesRajeev Nair, Hitesh Agarwal and Suchita Sharma
Infrastructure TodayMaking Indian Infra WorkSangeeta Lakhi
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
Entrepreneur India2016: An Avant-garde Year for StartupsPurvi Kapadia and Zil Shah
Business TodayCan e-courts help speeding up justice delivery?Devesh Juvekar and Archan Shah
Construction TimesIs REITs right for your investment portfolio?Ashish Parwani and Yogesh Nayak
Infrastructure TodayIndia's renewable energy potential is vast and untappedShisham Priyadarshini and Amish Shroff
EPC WorldLegal Q&AShisham Priyadarshini and Amish shroff
The Economic Times (ET Small Biz)Has the government been able to turn the tap on startup funding?Purvi Kapadia and Zil Shah
Super LawyerShisham Priyadarshini, Partner, Rajani Associates on working at a corporate firm and specializing in project financeShisham Priyadarshini
VCCircleMore spice please, we are IndiansSangeeta Lakhi
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