Practice Areas


Structuring is the cornerstone of any investment transaction and involves consideration of various nuances. Choosing the right investment vehicle and investment mode, be it for a business or personal investment is a complex decision. This requires specialist support.

We deliver personal advice tailored to suit each situation and requirement.

Our Firm has developed considerable practical experience in advising clients on structuring transactions. We advise our corporate clients on structuring of inbound as well as outbound investments, acquisitions or divestments transactions. We advise our individual clients on their estate planning or succession planning objectives.

Our services in this area range from advising on the optimal modes of investment to the instruments of investment, including, the constitution of the investment vehicle/ target entity, factoring in, the client’s requirements in light of applicable laws, including Exchange Control Regulations prevalent in India.

We often work in association with national and international tax consultants and other professionals. We ensure that the structuring process results in a solution which strikes the right balance amongst laws, commerce and the client’s requirements or objectives.