About Us


Customary private Laws have pre-existed state Laws and effectively ordered human affairs even prior to the codification of various commercial and criminal Laws. Law is an evolutionary systemic process involving the experiences of a vast number of people and is a natural outcome of people living and working together. In fact, it has rightly been said that "law is essentially discovered, not made".

Established in 1999, we are a full-service Law Firm based in Mumbai, India and enjoy this journey of discovering Law. As a part of our work objective, we look for simple, direct and uncompromising solutions to what may be complex problems. We take pride in understanding client specific issues, each client's priorities and concerns and analysing them in the background of commercial realities. For any assignment, we hand hold our clients at every stage and assist in safeguarding our clients' commercial and strategic interests. We closely work alongside firms in the US, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and Australia to meet the needs of our global clients.

Over years we have developed expertise in various areas of practice that allow us to provide to our clients a tailored set of services across a wide range of legal disciplines and many sectors. Our ability to provide high quality service coupled with resources capable of responding to the specific business needs of each client, sets us apart in the market place and allows us to build long standing, value-driven relations with our clients.